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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a supersoaker of a storm slams into the bay area. rain, wind, flooding, and tonight, it is not over yet. paul is tracking the storm right now. paul? >> it started at midnight last night and went all morning long. right now, here we go again. the radar is actually picking up in activity. san mateo, palo alto, down to 101 to san jose, showers approaching san francisco and the bay bridge. an rafael, hercules. martinez, all picking up some rainfall out there. here is a wide look of what is going on. look at all the rain down to the south. the heavy band of showers offshore will have to move inland in the next hour. if anything, it is going the
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get more rainy and wet outside before the rainfall finally wraps up. kenfield. three inches of rain over the past three days, san francisco, two. an inch-and-a-half for san jose. what to expect for the next several hours. scattered rain showers continue. when it does rain, it will be heavy, a drenching rainfall and there is a slight chance of an overnight thunderstorm because of a big area of low pressure hanging out to the south. we will talk about when that moves out and the weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks paul. the south bay really got ham everied today. it rained there most of the day. this is what the evening commute looked like on i-280. in san jose, drivers had to deal with flooding but betty yu found out it was not because of the rain. betty? >> reporter: this time, it was because some expert copper thieves broke into a station on
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the other side ofthe underpass behind me. they ended up sabotaging the commute for many south bay drivers. the runoff from highway 87 is going into the guadeloupe river thanks to the wiring that was taken from this pump station. the water had nowhere to go. >> everyone was delayed and inconvenienced by the closings this morning was a victim of copper wire left. >> reporter: we were there as cal trans crews hooked up a generator to the pump. it is a temporary fix. these repairs an this sort of crime has become a $15 million prom statewide for cal tran. >> that is $50 million that could have gone into potholes. it is becoming more and more of a significant problem. >> reporter: cal tran says the
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cost of copper has jumped up 350%. >> there is so much money in right now. the thieves are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get it. >> reporter: this is the second time since december that the thieves have hit up this pump station. cal tran is working with local law enforcement an and scrap medal businesses to track down the thieves. betty yu, kpix5. well the storm left a big mess. this tree in san francisco's mission district may be a casualty of the storm. it fell before 7:00 tonight on treat street. police are blocking the area until the tree is removed. and parts of mill valley turned into a lake. this was highway 101. a common spot for flooding when the high tide comes? >> it rained so hard that the roof of this warehouse in san
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leandro collapsed under the water. workers covered the large hole with a tarp and it was a mess for anyone flying in or out of sfo today. we just checked with the airport. almost 170 flights had to be canceled. northeast of them up and down the west coast. in southern california tonight, massive mud flows led to mandatory evacuations. you can see rivers of brown mud going off a street and down a path. jeff dewin shows us the situation in glendora. >> reporter: all of this is coming from that canyon up above. this morning was the first time the mud flowed down the street. the rocks are so huge, it took out the fence line right here. i want to give you a sense of how intense that mud flow was, you can see how high the mud got. now when you welcome down the street, you can see that rocks, mud, and degree covering that street right there, they have had a number of bulldozers from
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the department of public works comeing in to clear this out. the reason for that is this is a public access road that leads up to some catch spaces above so they need to keep this clear. for the people living in the homes here, the last thing they want to do is see any of this end up inside their home. in glendora, jeff dewin, kpix5. two dogs got stuck in raging waters near dodge stadiums. crews transferred them to a lifeboat and took them to shore. san carlos police looking for a man with tried to rob a gas station convenience store. >> what are you doing? >> open. >> what are you doing? i will call the police! >> open it. >> watch as the suspect goes right behind the counter and orders the clerk to open the register. this was wednesday night. the suspect does leave without taking anything and is last seen getting away in a black pick up truck. four people are under arre
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freeway shooting that shut down 580 in castro valley. the chp says someone from a sedan fired several rounds into an suv yesterday afternoon hitting the grill, hood, and windshield. a stray bullet hit a house near the freeway. a woman and her brother drying the suv narrowly missed being hit. >> it was super close. super close. he had an angel with him. he really did. he was protected by god. >> the woman and her brother don't know the suspect. the chp says two hours after the shooting, a sheriff's deputy spotted a suspicious car. five of the six san francisco police officers accused of being dirty cops had their first day in court today. they lined up to tell the judge they are not guilty of drug dealing, theft, or corruption. this all stems from this. surveillance video from a tenderloin hotel showing undercover officers barging
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into rooms in some cases allegedly threatened the occupants before stealing their computers, money, and other valuables. another officer is charged with stealing marijuana from evidence and having someone sell it to split the proceeds. the u.s. is warning russia there will be cost to military action in ukraine. there are reports of russian troops into southern parts of ukraine burg a recent uprising in the country. the main concern is on the peninsula of kremea. brian webb has been watching the events unfold. >> reporter: the ukraine is in the middle of a tug of war between the east and the west and the u.s. has joined into a diplomatic dance the keep the peace. war planes, armored tanks and hundreds of soldiers in masks made their way into crimea.
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>> we are concerned of reports of military movements taking by the russian federation. >> reporter: a revolt led to the president of the ukraine fleeing to russia. >> this could be a very dangerous situation if this continues and a very provocative way. >> reporter: crimea has long been a part of russia and has wanted to return. there is a russian air base allowing russia to come and go. so far, russian officials are refusing to acknowledge any mission but have promised to protect ethnic russians during the uprising. the u.s. is standing strong, too, warning there will be consequences for military action. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any military
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intervention in the ukraine. >> reporter: so far, there is no evidence of any gunfire. the president was set to attend a summit in russia this summer but that is now in jeopardy, too. well the president made short work of a heckler who asked about his plans to nuke russia. >> tell us about your plans for nuclear war with russia. [ laughter ] >> who is that back there? what the heck are you talking about? [ applause ] >> the president went onto say the guy probably thought happy hour started earlier. not a big surprise. jerry brown wants to be governor another four years. he just filed the paper work. what is he thinking? that is what scott pelly wanted to know. >> why do you want another four years? what do you want to accomplish? >> well, i like this kind of work. i have been doing it now for quite a bit of time. but i have had some success. and i see a great opportunity
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even still in building the high speed rail and taking care of our water needs, in fixing our unfunded pensions and in making a reality out of returning power to our schools. >> you were be 1975 one of the longest governors ever in the state. what is the difference between governor brown of 75 and governor brown of 2014? >> lots of decades, lots of experiences. i know better, what works, i have a sense that things take a longer time, now i can look back to 1974, that was 40 years ago, and i can see how long it takes to get things done. >> you have run for the democratic nomination three times. it is coming around again. >> i know. i'm very excited about being governor, being successful and i understand that you have to stick to things and work not just day by day, but year by year. that is where my heart is here
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in california. >> was that a no i heard? >> you could construe it as such. >> governor brown considered a shoe-in to win. if he does, he will make history as the first person to serve four terms as governor of california. young girl sold for sex. tonight, a pimp takes us deep inside his sophisticated human trafficking ring. and the search heats up for a bay area terrorist. the billboards going up across the country tonight. >> we discovered that doctors spy on patients and deny them treatment if they don't like what they see. ,,
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trafficking. tonight ... ron jones gets one of the st
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hare his secrets. >> fbi investigators say one california city more than any other is a gate way for human trafficking. tonight, ron jones gets one of the street pimps to share his secrets. >> in the prostitution game, you don't need any money to make money. >> reporter: the feds accuse him of running a sophisticating human trafficking circuit. >> it is not like i have to go to college or get a degree. >> reporter: he promised to take us deep into the game if we didn't reveal his identity. the girls, the victims, start young. >> she has been doing it since she was 14 years old. >> reporter: the game promises a lavish lifestyle. >> the population we are talking about is extremely vulnerable. >> reporter: the glamour is an illusion, we learned just how vulnerable the victims are. >> and they are running away from something. so many of them are involved in the foster care system. they have bad situations at home. >> reporter: many are homeless
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youth, some as young as 14 having what is survival sex for food and shelter. law enforcement says the city ranks second in the nation. >> we are centrally located. >> the i-80 corridor makes it easy. >> reno, sacramento, east bay, to san francisco, down to san jose. >> reporter: moving victims city to city is simple. >> i buy them a bus ticket. a greyhound is cheapest or amtrak. >> reporter: they are slowly brainwashed into prostituting for what is called the family. >> like a husband and wife. but it is just one husband and he has a few different wifes. >> reporter: new victims must earn the family's trust before working alone. >> reporter: you won't send away a girl that is like new to your circle in the beginning. >> reporter: training takes months. >> you walk around and you make
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one, two thousand dollars in a day. >> reporter: the flashy lifestyle is bait to entice new victims. >> it is like female seeing another female living good. riding a nice car, jewelry. >> there is abuse. >> reporter: and the sex career is short lived. >> statistics show that once a young lady becomes involved in prostitution, her life span is between seven and ten years. >> detectives say more than 80% of the girls have made their way through the foster system and almost always start well before their 18th birthday. a bay area fugitive on the fbi's most wanted list is now being featured on electronic billboards nationwide. they have a picture of daniel
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andreas san diego. he has eluded the police for 10 years. he has been seen in massachusetts, south america, and europe. he is wanted in the bombings of two companies. the bio tech and shackley corporation in pleasantton. a $250,000 reward is being offered for his capture. well mag getting a package in the mail and finding personal information and medical records for hundreds of people inside. that is what happened to a woman in carmichael. a fedex box with her name on it had records, test records, and credit card information from people all across the country. turns tout records belonged to a doctor in modesto. fedex mixed up the packages. >> my box came in and another
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package came in and it got mixed up and stuff was put in my box. what was inside got destroyed an they threw it away. >> well fed-ex showed up to apologize and get the package back. instead, she turned the medical records over to the local sheriff for investigation. not unusual to research a doctor before you make an appointment, but christina johnson says more and more doctors are checking up on patients. >> reporter: when this patient visited her dentist, she never expecked her exam would go outside her office. >> he looked me up on google. >> reporter: he googled her. >> i never expected it. >> reporter: it is san jose growing new trend, doctors turning the tables on parents and checking them out online before they come in for an appointment. >> this opens up a new paradigm into how patients and
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physicians interact. >> reporter: this doctor admits he searched online for patients info and says he and other doctors he has discussed the issue with when the patient's safety is a concern but it can be hard to ignore all-star the personal information that is available. >> google is such an easy tool. >> reporter: the american college of physicians advises against it. >> it is hard for me to imagine how i would introduce into a conversation with a patient. you told me you don't smoke, but i saw those pictures on facebook that clearly show you smoking. >> reporter: but what about if patients don't give physicians the full story? this woman wanted a preventive double ma sectmy. they didn't think her story
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added up and found facebook pages showing she was diagnosed with breast cancer. doctors decided not to operate. >> i suppose there are instances where it might be necessary to confront a patient about any misrepresentation, but those would be rare situations. weather time now. and i'm saying this for the second consecutive night. things are going to get active right after midnight. there was a big slog of showers just offshore and a chance of a thunderstorm. right now in the south bay, you have been the bulls eye of a lot of activity. watch out san jose. mountain view. another round of rainfall moving your way. you had showers move through san mateo. redwood city. and we have showerings out to half-moon bay and pacifica.
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look at all this. just in the pa gotten very active. all of that yellow and orange, a steady soaking rain. it is going to be soggy through the night tonight into saturday morning. we are adding up in our little rain buckets right here, san francisco, oakland, santa rosa all doing belter, we are still way below where we should be, but so much better than the beginning of the month. santa rosa is 41% of normal. we had an above average february. well we begin march tomorrow. it will be a white march tomorrow in the sierra. we have a winter weather advisory. anywhere from five to 20 inches of snow tonight. great news for the snow pack that is going up as are the rainfall totals. we can thank this. we don't like flooding or mud slides like they are having in southern california, but we like the rain. all the rain you see on the
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eastern side of the low will be rotating through and in your backyard tonight. so low pressure passing by to the south. rain continues until about lurching time tomorrow, then the low goes to arizona. it is done by lunchtime tomorrow. high pressure builds in. when that happens, the rain chances are done. but look how close the rain to the north will be. we may be adding a few rain chances. we will take a close call, but the best chance of rain will be the next several hours. showers are done by lunchtime on saturday and stray showers are possible all week long. here is your extended forecast calling for drier conditions sunday. monday, and tuesday. were try. mainly sunny skies but watch out for the rain, a chance of a thunderstorm tonight. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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if you are, they will turn down the audio and pause whatever is playing. also pour you some nice warm milk. [ laughter ] no, it is yet to be seen if they will start using the sleep tracker. we will find out. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,[ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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garden by scoring 54 points. tonight he was back lookingo put on another show... >> 366 days ago, steph curry stole the show at madison square garden. today, he was back. first quarter, curry, fine playing thompson for the three. one of his 11 assists for the game. golden state up nine. steve blake having fun with the knicks. giving it to the layup. up by 13. curry didn't get 54, but he hit five threes going for 27 on the way to a triple double. war yores scored 73 in the first half alone and rolled to a 126-103 win. to the sharks, 1-0 buffalo in
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the second despite being trailed by the sabers. third period, off the face off. brian flynn gets the buffalo goal putting the sabers ahead. they win 4-2, sharks drop both games to buffalo this year. eric sogard of the as almost the major league baseball face. he lost to david wright of the mets who garnered 51% of the fan voting. it is time for the friday night top five. number five, max who only has one arm sinked a half-court shot for 100 bucks. but the best part, he donated his winnings to charity. number one, spring training lucas duda robbed in center by perez. number three, san francisco state men blew out cal state east bay. gators brandon tatum with the
11:31 pm
ally-oop slam. former ucla player tyler honeycutt. one judge actually gave that dunk a nine. add number one, take a look at this. andrew delpac with the opening kick from 67 yards back. we will have more news after the break. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ >> all right, we are at the
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weekend. david letterman is next. >> have a great weekend. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now the most famous calypso singer, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )

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